Staff and Board

Executive Director: Travis Cole
Telephone: (306) 652-5502 ext 2
Contact about: Organizational inquiries, outreach programming, human resources, fundraising and resource development
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Artistic Director: David Lariviere
Telephone: (306) 652-5502 ext 1
Contact about: Gallery exhibitions and screenings, programming proposals, publications and residencies
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Technical Director: Lenore Maier
Telephone: (306) 652-5502 ext 3
Contact about: Workshops, memberships, event space bookings, production centre bookings, technical assistance,
member’s micro grant, community partnerships, residency coordination, sponsorships

Production Coordinator: Ania Slusarczyk
Telephone: (306) 652-5502 ext 3
Contact about: Equipment inquiries, bookings, orientation training, technical assistance, workshops, event space


Communications Coordinator: Lindsey Rewuski
Telephone: (306) 652-5502 ext 3
Contact about: Media inquiries, advertising, web and social media content
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As of March, 2021

Zoe Slusar (Chair)
Rachel Broussard
Dustin Cometa
Shawn Cuthand
Reilly Forbes
Kelsey Ford
Gabriela García-Luna
Spencer King Martin
Darren Miller
Emily Zdunich

About the Board of Directors
PAVED Arts Board of Directors are passionate about contemporary photography, audio, video, electronic and digital arts, and are excited to offer leadership and insight as members of the Board of Directors. Volunteering with the Board provides an opportunity to gain understanding and experience with an established and nationally recognized artist-run centre, as well as occasions to engage critically and socially with the arts community in Saskatoon. Board positions are voted in by the membership and are for 2 year terms. Nominees must be residents of Saskatoon.

The Board meets every six weeks. Meetings include: reviewing and addressing issues related to the governance and sustainability of the organization as a whole, such as budget, finance, Executive Director recruitment and evaluation, fundraising, and major strategic and policy initiatives.

The Board of Directors maintains several standing committees to assist in the governance of the organization: Personnel Committee, Outreach Committee, and Fundraising Committee. Applicants should be prepared to commit an average of 6 to 8 hours per month of volunteer time. Those who fill the vacancies on PAVED’s Board of Directors will have two-year terms, beginning September 1, 2018. All members of the Board of Directors must be members in good standing.

Email Travis Cole, Executive Director, for more information: