Membership Policy (short summary)

PAVED Arts has a detailed Membership Policy. The full text of the Policy is fairly long so here’s a short summary:

Please renew your membership annually to maintain access, and please keep your address and contact information up to date.

Membership is non-transferable, and is strictly for the use of the individual Member to whom it is issued.

Since we’re a non-profit organization with a mandate to support arts and culture, PAVED Arts’s facilities and equipment can only be used for your own independent, non-commercial productions or creative work.

We ask you to acknowledge PAVED Arts and our funders in the credits of productions you complete at the centre, and to deposit a copy in our archives.

We have a comprehensive but fair policies and a Rental Contract covering all rentals and facility use. There is a form to fill out and sign for all rentals, and rental fees are charged.

Renting equipment involves taking responsibility for being organized and professional. Be considerate of your fellow members by booking equipment in advance, returning it in on time and in the same condition you signed it out in. PAVED Arts has insurance, but because this may not always cover all situations, the “you break it, you bought it” principle may apply to equipment you rent.

Only Producing Members in Good Standing (as well as artists specifically invited by the centre to use production facilities and equipment as part of programming projects, residencies, production programs, etc.) may book, rent, and use facilities or take equipment off-premises.

Our rental rates are highly subsidized, and we think, a very good deal. We depend on rentals for part of our budget, and to maintain and improve the equipment we provide, so we ask you to help us serve you by paying your rental invoices promptly.

If you have a limited budget, we’re happy to offer free rental credits in exchange for your volunteer work. As a Producing Member, you’re also eligible to apply for our Production Support Programs that provide free equipment access, cash grants and technical support.

As a Member, you have a vote at Members’ meetings at least twice a year, including the Annual General Meeting), and may run for election to our Board of Directors.

We welcome our Members’ suggestions, feedback and input at any time.

All Production Centre Equipment and Facility rentals require at least 24 Hours advance notice for booking.