We operate an access centre for media production and post-production, offer training and professional development for media artists. Explore our facilities, mobile production equipment, workshops and online resources.

All Production Centre Equipment and Facility rentals require at least 24 Hours advance notice for booking.

PAVED’s facilities include:
Photo Suite, Video Suite, Audio Suite with isolation booth and control room, Darkroom, Event Space for private meetings, performances, photoshoots, fundraisers, movie productions. Click here for more information on PAVED’s facilities.

Equipment Rentals: BlackMagic Cinema Camera & Ursa Mini, Professional Canon and Nikon DSLRs and Lens Kits, Stabilizers and Dolly, Lighting Kits + Gels and Reflectors, Sandbags, Microphones and Field Recorders, Cables, Super 8 Cameras, Tripods, Lens Kits, Mac Pro Laptop, Epson Projectors, click here for the full list.