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Andrei Feheregyhazi / Cardboard Coo-Coo

Image: Andrei Feheregyhazi, Daily Grind, Digital print (36” x 36”) and augmented reality (5 ‘x 5′ x 2’), 2024. Image courtesy of the artist.

March 15 – April 20, 2024
PAVED Arts, 424 20th St. W. Saskatoon
Opening Reception: Friday, March 15, 7–10 pm

An interactive, augmented reality journey that will occupy the PAVED Arts main gallery, window gallery and billboard. The work centres around simplistic clocks made of cardboard looking into the daily life of a robot.  All the movements are inspired by clockwork automatons and coo-coo clocks.

The goal of this show is to inspire a sense of exploration, discovery, and adventure within the viewer. Using a combination of gaze, position of the viewer, and touch this show will allow the viewers to discover different ways to move through and interact with the show, while also creating a unique experience depending on how people move through the space. 

The billboard will launch an augmented reality environment that transforms the exterior of PAVED and nearby buildings. The interactivity in this space would be more look and touch the screen to activate animations and events. Depending on where the mobile device is pointed different animation will activate, then other animations will activate depending on whether the viewer taps on specific objects at specific times. 

The Window Gallery will have a single piece that bridges the exterior billboard space and the space within the main gallery itself. This area would have the least number of interactive elements, animations specifically designed to entice the viewer to move into the main gallery. 

Inside PAVED Arts, the main gallery will have a series of image targets, each of which launch a different augmented experience. The walls would also have non image target pieces that would both fill the space as well as provide more texture for more stable tracking.  All the interactions in this space would be activated by a combination of physical location, gaze of the camera, and touch interaction.

Artist Bio

Andrei Feheregyhazi is an artist and animator whose work is often filled with absurd humour that doesn’t take itself too seriously. He addresses tragedy, loss, and general feelings of dread and isolation in a lighthearted and whimsical way.

Since early 2018, Andrei has been experimenting and pushing boundaries by combining augmented reality with various art forms. What he loves most about it is the ability to explore space and narratives in new and exciting ways whether it is a picture book that comes to life and animates itself in someone’s hands or allowing the narrative to take place in the world around them, forcing/allowing for exploration of that space.