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Cinq à Sept: Adrian Stimson / LOVE BACK

Adrian Stimson's

Cinq à Sept: Adrian Stimson / LOVE BACK
Wednesday, April 5, 5-7pm

Join us for a cinq à sept on April 5th to celebrate Adrian Stimson’s LOVE BACK! Refreshments and snacks provided.

“Buffalo Boy’s LOVE BACK is a billboard project celebrating PAVED Arts’ 20/50 anniversary. Buffalo Boy feels that there just isn’t enough LOVE going around, so with his Buffalo scepter and orb, he calls upon the elements of love; benevolence, Compassion, Joy, Equanimity and Freedom. Love has the power to heal and transform, as stated by John Lennon, “all you need is love”. So spread the love around, love everything for what it is for it will give you strength and courage. Love yourself, love each other, love your enemies, love the sun, love the moon, love the stars, love the Buffalo, love the water, love PAVED Arts and love the land.” -Adrian Stimson