Darkside of the Room: Darkroom & Donut Club 2022/23

A 70s-inspired font with rainbow shadows reads “Darkside of the Room: darkroom and donut club”. To the right, a halftone image of a SLR camera with black and white geometric lines curving around lens.
Image: Design by Emmorie Loos.

Various times
PAVED Arts Production Centre and Darkroom

PAVED Arts is excited to bring back “Darkside of the Room“, a return of our Darkroom (& Donut) Club. On the last Sunday of every month during the Fall/Winter, we invite all PAVED members who are interested in 35mm analog photography to join us for our Darkside of the Room Sunday meetups! Did we mention there’ll be free Darkside Donuts?

These meetups provide an opportunity for skill-sharing and hands-on processing, development, and scanning for everyone, regardless of experience level, in a casual, “no pressure” setting with guidance and mentorship from local photographers Will Kaufhold and/or Jeremy Sax. Chemicals provided.

The Darkroom Club dates are as follows:
Sun. Nov 27 – 6pm
Sun. Jan 29 – 6pm
Sun. Feb 26 – 6pm
Sun. Mar 26 – 6pm
Sun. Apr 30 – 6pm

Members: FREE

RSVP to program@pavedarts.ca for individual meetups.
Purchase/renew your membership here.


Come purchase a bulk-loaded roll of B&W 35mm film (24 exp.) for only $5 from the PAVED Arts Production Centre, and start shooting! See pavedarts.ca/film-shop for our current film stock and pricing.

NOTE: This price is available exclusively to PAVED members, and you must develop the film yourself in our darkroom.