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David Stonhouse / POWERBOXES

David Stonhouse, POWERBOXES
David Stonhouse, POWERBOXES, 2021. Installation view: “POWERBOXES,” Godfrey Dean Art Gallery, summer 2021. Image courtesy of the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery. Photo by Kelly Litzenberger.

David Stonhouse
June 1 – July 8, 2023
Window Gallery

POWERBOXES is a sculptural art installation and a playful take on modernist painting. David Stonhouse recreates industrial fabrication and building exteriors as modern geometric abstract paintings. This window gallery installation is an outcome of the AKA Artist Run & PAVED Arts Community Studios.

David Stonhouse, POWERBOXES

David Stonhouse’s work deals primarily in painting. His work has been described as punked out formalism that is a combination of painting, sculpture, mixed media and installation. He is inspired by Saskatchewan’s culture of painting and the legacy of the Emma Lake Workshops. His work takes formalist painting, abstraction and minimalism and brashly turns it on its head; creating artworks that have oozing paint that leaps off the plane, psychedelic patterns, textural oddities and unexpected materials.