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Diane Morin / états provisoires (chiroptera)

Diane Morin, Chiroptera

Diane Morin / états provisoires (chiroptera)

September 9 – October 14, 2022

Opening Reception: September 9th, 2022, 7:30pm

Artist Diane Morin describes “états provisoires (chiroptera)” as a laboratory that brought together two aspects of her research-based practice. The work variously explores space, time and the connection between computing processes and nature. Ultimately, the installation gives rise to questions of how our immersion in such technologies inform and affect our relation to nature.

In the new version of “états provisoires (chiroptera)” appearing in the PAVED Arts main gallery space, handmade water/carbon switches will be connected to LEDs lights. Operating in the manner of a clock, this mechanical water/carbon based computing system will regulate the appearance of projected images: lights project onto chiroptera (bats) skulls creating “shadow animations” similar to cinema.

The assemblage also produces sound which might be similar to those produced by life support devices. The diverse shapes of the animal skulls are both familiar and alien to us, as are the moving shadows. Taken together the installation evokes a single living form slowly morphing before our eyes.