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Experimentation with the Materiality of Electronics Workshop with Diane Morin

Photo by Diane Morin.

Saturday, September 10th, 12pm – 3pm

Participants will experiment with the materiality of electronics, learning how to build and solder a simple circuit. The workshop will be oriented toward experimentations with the use of raw material as part of the electronic circuit. There will be instructions on how to grow your own piezoelectric crystal in order to create a low tech microphone. The workshop will also be an occasion to share and discuss ways of thinking and doing with and through material as something in constant transformation rather than stable things.

Artist Bio:
Hailing from the Kamouraska region in Quebec province, Diane Morin lives and works in Montreal. She studied in Rivière-du-Loup then at Université Laval, and holds a Master of Fine Arts (Open Media, 2003) from Concordia University in Montreal. Since 1998, Diane Morin creates installations linking her practice to kinetic and new media art. She works with light, sound, drawing and robotics to create in situ installations in which kinetic, sound and light events take place.

Basic skills:
Basic knowledge of electricity/electronics might be useful but not necessary.

Materials provided.

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