Feedback with Biofeedback: a [digital] gardening project

Feedback with Biofeedback: a [digital] gardening project

November 4 – December 9, 2022
Opening Reception: November 4, 7:30pm-10pm

Project hours:
November 11th from 2pm-7pm
November 18 from 2pm-7pm
November 25 from 2pm-7pm

Feedback with Biofeedback: a [digital] gardening project is a space for artists, makers, and community members to gather, create, and respond to prompts posed by several artists during The Community Project*. With these responses, Biofeedback will facilitate a web-based digital garden; a non-linear online space where ideas and thoughts are shared as they are in the process of development. This is an evolving space that functions as a continual work in progress. The artist’s prompts become the seeds and with the community responses, we see them grow. Through this digital garden we hope to learn from one another and explore how our ideas as a community are interconnected through sharing and creative practice.

Biofeedback’s greenhouse studio, located at AKA, will have various supplies and tools available for participants to utilize. Biofeedback invites the public to join them every Friday 2-7pm for the month of November 2022.

Check out the [digital] garden here:

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*The Community Project is a multidimensional project intended to support and strengthen the community of artists in Saskatoon and area through a series of events, workshops, and relational projects. This project was created in collaboration with Biofeedback Collective and The Gallery/ Art Placement and supported by SKArts.

Artist Bios
Biofeedback Collective resides and practices on Treaty 6 Territory in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The collective’s three members, Kelsey Ford, Lauren Warrington, and Emily Zdunich are all recent graduates from the University of Saskatchewan. Between them, they explore a range of mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, virtual and augmented reality. What unites them as a collective is an overarching interest in conceptual and responsive approaches to art making. The collective is focused on creating relational and feedback-based programming for underrepresented and emerging artists. Biofeedback recognizes the long history of colonialism in Canada and our own positionality in different places and spaces within this context. And together, the collective is interested in exploring how we relate to one another, our bodies, the places in which we inhabit, and how our unique histories and ancestries come together.