Harm Reduction Video Series

Politics of Belonging Marjorie Beaucage

Friday, January 13, 2023, 7 PM
Remai Modern

Join us for a special screening of videos by Marjorie Beaucage, created during her artist residency with us in Spring 2022.

“This journey towards harm reduction began with a broken heart and questioning what I could really offer. So many are struggling. I wanted to more fully understand the darkness that holds folks down… and find a way through, knowing it is a long way through the tunnel. So, I had conversations with amazing people who have made it through. These are their stories offering hope and purpose. Good Medicine.”
—Marjorie Beaucage

The screening includes the videos Harm Reduction 101, The Politics of Belonging, Reducing Harms of Colonialism, #Hope, Family Support and Finding Your Medicine.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Beaucage moderated by David LaRiviere, Artistic Director of PAVED Arts.


Harm Reduction Video Series
Presented in partnership with Remai Modern

Film admission requires a minimum $10 donation, and is free for Remai Modern members and youth under 18.

About the Artist

Marjorie Beaucage is a Two-Spirit Métis Auntie, filmmaker, art-ivist and educator, a land protector and a water walker. Born in Vassar, Manitoba, to a large Métis family, Beaucage’s work has been about creating social change, working to give people the tools for creating possibilities and right relations. Whether in the classroom, community, campsite or the arts, Beaucage’s goal has been to pass on the stories, knowledge and skills that will make a difference for the future. For Beaucage, story is medicine. In recent years she has engaged in important, collaborative “Water Walk” projects. The first leg of the walk, in 2021, was along the North Saskatchewan River, followed by a walk in 2022 for the South Saskatchewan River, from the mouth in Bow Valley west of Medicine Hat to Riverhurst. In the summer of 2023, the Water Walk will be continued to the Forks in Prince Albert.