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Meet Me For Coffee w/ Barbara Reimer

Day 1: June 08, 6-9 pm
Day 2: June 11, 3-6 pm

Part-artist talk, part-workshop, Barb will discuss her history of developing in coffee and use of “non-toxic” eco-developers throughout the last 16 years. 

Over the course of the workshop you will get an introduction to Barb’s projects and the coffee process; We will develop photo paper from existing negatives or as photograms and explore how that knowledge is applied to film and other developers.  Sure, bring a coffee or tea but don’t drink the developer!

Tools and materials needed

  • Participants can bring a film camera, roll of black and white film (exposed and ready to develop*), developed b/w negatives, printed digital negatives, or small objects for photograms.
  • Light sensitive paper will be provided
  • You can purchase $5 film from PAVED’s Film Shop to process during the workshop.

Basic skills

Knowledge of photo exposure and familiarity with the darkroom will be very helpful.  We will be working with analogue cameras and light sensitive materials.

Members: $5 (Supply Fee)
Non-members: $55 ($50/Price of membership at time of registration or $25 for students/underemployed + $5 Supply Fee)
To register for this workshop, email


Artist Bio
Barbara Reimer works predominantly with photography, digital media, and installation to investigate waste, process, and materiality; most recently adding sculpture and, to a lesser extent, mark-making to her art practice.  Educated in Saskatoon and Toronto during the 1990s, she has an extensive background in commercial photographic and digital specialist areas, and has spent large parts of the most recent 16 years independently researching and developing expired film in coffee and other “non-toxic” solutions.  Past and present work is influenced by “the responsible photograph” (a term coined during the Finding a Green Photo project), documentary sculpture, the institution, travel, waste, and the “availability” of photo processes.  Barbara has exhibited nationally and internationally, taking part in solo and group shows in Nicaragua, Toronto, Saskatoon, Michigan, Iceland, and Wuhan, China.