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(Not) Photoshop 101 (Youth Workshop)

February 9, 2022, 7:00 P.M. CST
#PAVEDArtsAtHome Zoom Workshop
Free for Youth

Everyone should know the basics of photoshop, but the price is often a barrier for many. Luckily, we have Photopea, a browser based photoshop alternative, completely free to use (and strikingly similar to Photoshop). In this workshop, you will learn the basic tools at your disposal in Photopea, and we will cover a couple different use cases for the application. Graphic design, Photo Editing, and more! Come learn some basics!

Technical Requirements

Must have access to a computer (desktop or laptop).

Workshop Leader Bio

Marentin Fehr is a young Indigenous singer/songwriter and producer. He is a member of Waterhen Lake First Nation, but currently makes Saskatoon his home. Marentin is passionate about not only music, but also technology and activism. He has helped foster a love for music in his community, having volunteered his time to facilitate free music lessons to low-income children, teens and adults alike, at varying non-profit organizations as well as in his own home. Marentin has a special interest in the digital world of art-making, including electronic music production, photography & videography, video game design, 3D modeling, and more. Maren