Rachel Rozanski / Perma

Rachel Rozanski / Perma
January 21–March 4, 2022
Virtual artist talk with presenting artists Rachel Rozanski & Hilarey Cowan:  Friday, February 25, 8pm CST, Free, via ZOOM

Rachel Rozanski will present her video installation work Perma in the PAVED Arts Main Gallery Space. This multimedia presentation will follow transformations of land and water, examining the melting of permafrost. The installation is comprised of two-channel video alongside contact photographic images, which were made using a portable scanner the artist built.

As the artist explains, “About 50 percent of Canada is permafrost, and it’s thawing almost a century earlier than predicted. It is the foundation for Arctic ecosystems and in the last ten years, thawing and “permafrost slumps” have started to dramatically change the landscape. […] Examining the melting of permafrost (caused by both industry and by global climate disruption), the exhibition will show permafrost thawing and tailing into newly-created rivers, drained lakes, eroded land, and eventually the sea.”

Rozanski’s stated goal is to investigate, through photography and other artistic expression, the global effect of human-induced changes in the environment and the empirically verifiable deterioration evident along Arctic coastlines.

To book your private viewing, please email artistic@pavedarts.ca today!

Artist Bio

Rachel Rozanski is a Canadian artist whose interdisciplinary works explore biological, geological and material transformations appearing as we enter the Anthropocene. She studied Visual Arts at Emily Carr, Capilano, and Langara Universities, and received an MFA from Ryerson University in Documentary Media. She has exhibited across Canada and internationally, showing interdisciplinary works that explore scientific concepts focusing on environmental timelines. Through residency projects in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Iceland, she has been inspired by the study of land change, pollutants and adaptations and extinctions along waterways.