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VR Setup in Unity Workshop w/ Zac Knuttila

Zac Knuttila VR Workshop image

Saturday, April 15,  1 – 4 pm

Notice: This workshop has been postponed until a later date. In the interim, our VR set is available to rent through our production centre. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Join us as we go through the set-up and implementation of a VR headset in your Unity project, work through and resolve common set-up and usability issues together, and explore some of the opportunities and limitations presented by using VR in your artistic practice.

Tools and materials needed

Beginner workshop (coding is helpful but not necessary)

Laptop (we have 3 rentals available) 

If you’re interested in following along on your own project while we discuss and work through the set-up please bring a laptop with the latest version of Unity installed.

To register for this workshop, email


Zachary Knuttila

Zachary Knuttila is an emerging artist based in Saskatoon, focusing on using digital tools to create spaces and structures that couldn’t exist otherwise. Their work is created as an extension of a personal exploration of spirituality and is largely built around a search for reality beyond our perception. By using digital interfaces to create a framework within which the computer creates its own imagery Zachary feels that the direct human impulse or intention can be removed from the work allowing a brief glimpse into the reality above our own.