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New Equipment

Updated: September 2023

We are excited to announce the arrival of some exciting new gear – all available and accessible to our members! To make bookings or take out a membership, contact the equipment desk, at (306) 652-5502 ext 3 or

Download Full Equipment List


New Super 8 Kit


Included in kit:
-Pro 8mm Classic Professional Camera
-67mm variable ND filter

16mm Camera Kit


Included in the kit:
-Bolex H-16 REX camera with Wollensak Raptar 3 inch f.4.0 lens –
-Kern-Paillard 25mm SWITAR H16 RX f1.4 Lens C-Mount
-Kern SWITAR H16 RX f1.6 10mm C-Mount lens
-Rewind crank

Dolly Track Kit


Included in the kit:
-Matthews Heavy Wall Starter Track x 2 –
-Matthews Heavy Wall Track Straight – 4 foot section x 4
-Matthews Dolly Track Curved 8′ DIA 20°