PAVED Arts Facilities

PAVED Arts is located at 424 20th Street in the heart of Saskatoon’s core neighbourhood. We have over 3000 square feet of galleries, offices, production suites, a library and a multipurpose event space. The building is shared by AKA artist-run and BlackFlash Magazine. We are all non-profit visual arts organizations serving Saskatoon since the 1970s. The production facilities are fully accessible to all PAVED Producing Members, for their own independent, non-commercial projects. Members also receive subsidized rental of equipment far below market rates, as well as training. Our goal is to foster an environment for free expression, creative thought and personal growth.

Video Editing Suite

Hourly: $15 Daily: $30 Weekly: $100


2022 Mac Studio M1 Ultra 20-Core CPU and 48-Core GPU, 128GB unified memory with 27-inch 5K Retina Apple Studio display


Adobe Premiere CC Da Vinci Resolve Photoshop CC After Effects CC Flash CC Illustrator CC



Audio Suite

Hourly: $15 Daily: $30 Weekly: $100


Mac Mini (Late 2014) / 3 GHz Intel Core I7 / 16GB Ram OS X El Capitan 1 500GB internal hd, professional Motu M4 Audio interface, Genelec 5.1 Surround Sound, 24″ Flatscreen Display.


Pro Tools Intro, Ableton Live 9, Reason 10, Garage Band, Melodyne, and the Pro Tools Artist Plugin Bundle.


Neumann TLM-147 Rode NT2A Shure SM7b Shure Sm58

Digital Photo Suite

Hourly: $10 Daily: $20 Weekly: $70


iMac / 4.2 GHz Intel
Core i7 / 32GB RAM
OS X Catalina
27” Retina 5K display
Epson Perfection V850
Pro Colour Flatbed
PlusTek Optic Film 120
Negative Scanner


Photoshop CC
After Effects CC
Flash CC
Illustrator CC

In House Papers

Epson Enhanced Matte
Epson Premium Photo
Epson Transparency
Epson Single Weight
Epson Adhesive

PAVED Arts charges $5/sq ft for Enhanced Matte and Premium Luster 260 papers, $9/sq ft for Epson Synthetic Adhesive paper, and $4/sq ft (of printing area) if a member is using their own paper. Square footage includes test prints. If you would like to bring in your own paper, or connect with other members that may be interested in a “group purchase” of a paper stock we don’t carry, please email

The Epson 44-inch SureColor P9000 printer

Designed for professional proofing and photographic applications, they incorporate our latest imaging technologies – including an exotic Epson PrecisionCore® TFP® print head, along with our unique Epson UltraChrome® HDX ten-color pigmented ink set – which now includes an all-new optional Violet color for up to 99-percent PANTONE® FORMULA GUIDE solid coated color matching – perfect for the demanding requirements of package proofing. With advanced media handling options from cut sheet to roll, from plain papers to photographic, fine art, and even 1.5 mm thick poster boards, the new Epson SureColor P-Series continues to redefine the state of the art in wide format photographic imaging applications. -All-new Epson UltraChrome® HDX 10-Color pigment ink -Latest PrecisionCore® TFP® print head -Professional roll and sheet media handling -Powerful controller on-board and Gigabit Ethernet -Optional Internal Print Server for higher productivity -Optional Epson SpectroProofer, in-line spectrophotometer

Check out our “Ready To Print” helper guide here

Analog Dark Room

$5 per day for members without using PAVED chemistry.

PAVED Chemistry Prices:
-Black and white film developing $5/500mL chemistry used (This includes 500ml Developer and Fix). $10/1000mL chemistry used.
-Black and white printing $10/1000mL chemistry used (This includes 1000ml Developer, Stop, Fix).

Our darkroom is equipped with 35mm and medium format reels, developing tanks, enlargers, and print trays up to 17.5 x 21 inches. Email for all inquiries. As usual, must book 24-hours in advance.

Event Space

For event space booking inquiries, please contact Rachel Broussard ( or 652-5502 ext 3.
For bookings during office hours (Tuesday- Friday 12pm-6pm) the cost is $50 per day. $75 for after hours private production bookings. $150 for public event bookings.

You must have an up-to-date PAVED Arts membership to host events in the shared PAVED Arts/AKA Event Space.

The Event Space can be booked by MEMBERS for PRODUCTION USE ONLY* including:

  • Photoshoots
  • Videoshoots
  • Green Screen shoots
  • Installation Preparation
  • Live Artistic Performances
  • Rehearsals

*All other production activities at the discretion of the staff.


1 Mackie ONYX 1640 Mixer
1 Behringer Feedback Destroyer Pro
1 Behringer Multicom Pro XL Compressor/Limiter
2 SLX4 Wireless Mic Recievers
1 Shure SM58 Wireless Mic
1 Shure Beta87A Wireless Mic
1 Shure SLX1 Wireless Lav Mic
1 Shure Beta 58A wired Mic
1 Teac CD-RW880 CD recorder
4 JBL EON 15 g2 Speakers
1 JBL EON 15 Subwoofer
1 TAPCO mix50 (mobile mixer)
1 Behringer Eurorack 2004A (mobile mixer)
1 24 1/4 patch bay
1 12 1/4 patch to stage snake
Limited Supply of Assorted Cables


1 Panasonic PT-Ae2000U projector
1 Front Mounted 16′ wide 16:9
1 Sony BDP-S300
1 Sony DSR-11
1 Toshiba RD XS34 DVD recorder
1 four way VGA Switcher
1 four way S-video Switcher
1 Windows XP PC / VGA out / S-video In / M-Audio Delta 2496 Audio Card
1 16mm sound projector


1 Green Screen (10’x20′)
Small assortment of Gels


4 2’x4′ choral risers with 6″ and 12″ legs
2 Mic stands with booms
2 Table stands
3 Film Projector Screens ~ 4′ wide square
6 sandbags
2 JBL Eon speaker stands (mobile)