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What options are available for processing Super8 or 16mm film?

1. The Cheap way: hand processing is an artform in itself which involves filling buckets with photo developer and transferring undeveloped negatives through the chemistry by hand. Hand processing results in scratches, variations in tone, and other unexpected visual effects. PAVED has chemistry for processing negatives this way in Black and White only. We do not supply reversal bleach for making true positives. Watch for regular workshops on this subject.

2. The Pro way: sending your film away to be processed is the professional approach for a good quality picture. At the end of this page is a list of companies across Canada that process Super8 and 16mm film.

What options are available for transferring Super8 or 16mm film to video (also called telecine)?

1. The Cheap way: point your video camera at the projector screen and press record. PAVED Arts has equipment to perform this type of telecine for free for members. Ask at the equipment desk about this procedure. We have both 16mm and Super8 projectors.

2. The Pro way: See the list of companies below for information about their telecine options. There are less expensive realtime recording options and more expensive frame by frame scanning options.

List of Companies

Niagara Custom Lab

442 Dufferin Street, Unit K
Toronto, Ontario,
M6K 2A3

Services: Film Processing/super 8/16 bw colour/35mm/ also digital to film transfer

Film Rescue International

mail/post office:
Film Rescue International
P.O. Box 428
Indian Head, SK S0G 2K0
by courier:
Film Rescue International
500 Grand Ave
Indian Head, SK S0G 2K0

Services: processing and SD Transfer

Exclusive Film and Video Lab

115 Walnut Ave,
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2S1
Telephone/Fax: Local: 416-598-2700 Fax: 416-598-0766

Services: processing, transfers, etc., including super 8.

Black and White Film Factory

40 Cawthra Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario M6N 5B3
ph: 416.763.0750 fax: 416.763.0847

Services: lab processing, transfers, etc., including super 8.

Frame Discreet

96 Vine Ave. Unit 1B, Toronto, Ontario, M6P1V7
phone: (416) 901-5332

Services: 8mm/super 8/16mm/35mm film transfers utilizing lasergraphics 5k scanstation

Deluxe Vancouver

Suzanne Thompson
Director of Sales & Marketing
50 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1B3 Canada
(604) 872 6560 office

Services: processing and transfer

Studio Post

7316 101 Ave NW
Edmonton AB T6A 0J2
Phone: 780 436-4444
Fax: 780 439 4596

Services: film to digital video transfer and more