What is PAVED Arts?

PAVED Arts is a non-profit, community-based organization that exists to advance knowledge and practices in what we call the ‘PAVED Arts’ arts: photography, audio, video, electronic and digital. We help artists and independent producers make and exhibit their work.

What do we do?

We operate an access centre for media production and post-production, offer training and professional development for media artists, and bring examples of cutting edge work in the ‘PAVED Arts’ arts to Saskatoon audiences through our free gallery exhibitions and public screenings.

How does it work?

Exhibitions are always open to the public. To access our production facilities, workshops and equipment, all that we require is that you become a Producing Member, and that you use the facility for only your own independent, non-commercial projects. We offer our members subsidized rental of equipment far below market rates, training, mentorship, and above all an environment for free expression, creative thought and personal growth.

What does a PAVED Arts membership cost?

A Producing Membership is $50 per year ($25 Student/Underemployed). In addition to receiving discounts on workshop registration, members earn free rental credits through volunteer work. An Associate Membership is available for $25.An Institutional Producing Membership is $100 per year. Institutions may designate two of its staff to use PAVED Arts equipment and facilities.
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Can I get support for my production projects?

Members are also eligible to apply for our Production Support Programs to receive subsidized training, free equipment access and artist fees for specific projects.

What can I do at PAVED Arts?

* See challenging exhibitions and screenings of contemporary art and new media
* Shoot digital video with good quality, professional equipment
* Edit video in our high-performance Final Cut Pro suite and make DVDs
* Record high quality sound digitally
* Mix and create audio CD’s in a specialized sound studio
* Scan, manipulate and author your artwork in new media formats
* Shoot digital photos and experiment with digital imaging
* Learn media production skills from experienced professionals
* Experiment with a wide variety of software including (max/msp, Jitter, puredata)
* Access presentation equipment like video projectors, audio and video mixers and PA systems
* Discuss media, art and technology with creative and interesting people
* Explore our extensive library and resource centre
* Learn about media arts in Saskatchewan through our photo/video collections
* Connect to a nationwide network of media artists, co-ops and video festivals
* Discover opportunities to share, exhibit and distribute your own productionsAnd much more…

What makes this all possible?

PAVED Arts is made possible by the efforts of our members and volunteers, and by support from our sponsors and funders: The Canada Council for the Arts, The Saskatchewan Arts Board, SaskLotteries, Saskatchewan Motion Picture Association, SaskCulture, Heritage Canada, Saskatoon Foundation The National Film Board.

For more information about the organization and membership, please see our contact page.