PAVED Arts Film Shop

Is your analog photography hobby burning a hole in your pocket? Would you shoot more film if it wasn’t so expensive to purchase, process, and develop? Fret no longer! PAVED Arts members can do it all with our film shop and darkroom.

Current stock in the shop for PAVED Arts members:

120mm B&W Ilford HP5+ ISO 400 – $10/roll
120mm B&W Ilford Delta 100 – $10/roll
120mm B&W Kodak T-Max ISO 100 – $10/roll
• 35mm B&W Kentmere  ISO 400 (24 exposures) – $5/roll
• 35mm B&W Ilford HP5+  ISO 400 (24 exposures) – $5/roll
• Super 8 Black & White reversal Tri-X 200D/160T – Contact for pricing (cartridge only, no processing)

Stop by the PAVED Arts Production Centre today to pick up your film!