New Equipment


All Production Centre Equipment and Facility rentals require at least 24 Hours advance notice for booking.

Sound Devices 722 High Resolution Audio Recorder

Considered widely as industry standard hardware the 722 represents a new level of field recording quality available from the PAVED production centre.  The 722 is capable of recording at a wide variety of resolutions up to 24bit 192khz FLAC format but where the devices really shines is in it’s absolutely transparent pre-amps and world class AD converters.

Highlight Features:

2-track portable hard disk/Compact Flash audio recorder with 160GB SATA internal hard drive
2 channels of improved microphone preamps with phantom power, limiting, and high-pass filters
24-bit or 16-bit with or without dither, 32kHz – 192kHz sampling rates
Input-to-track assignment with 16 possible routing combinations
WAV or BWF format, mono or poly files, uncompressed PCM audio
MP3 encode and decode, 32 to 320kbps stereo file

Rental Rates  $40/day  $160/week

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